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How local government elections work




Make your Mark: do you know what you are voting for?


On 3 August, millions of voters will exercise their right to vote and decide who controls South Africa’s 257 municipalities. The stakes are high because municipalities deal with basic services and parties are competing for control of powerful cities, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and eThekwini.

At the same time, local elections are complicated. Most voters will have three votes to cast, there are wards, party lists, independents, local councils, district councils, metropolitan councils etc.

Nelspruit township goes weeks without water


By Cynthia Maseko

As the country continues to weather a severe drought, parts of Nelspruit’s KaBokweni townships have been without water for three weeks after government departments scrambled to secure the water supplies of Themba Hospital and the local clinic.

'Every time I need the toilet, I have to crawl to the nearby bushes'


By Ndivhuwo Mukwevho

For at least 19 000 South Africans living with disabilities, daily indignities are just part of their normal life as disabled people remain largely left behind in the country’s quest for sanitation and water.

Since childhood, Shonisani Makhado has depended on crutches to assist him to walk and – like almost seven percent of disabled South Africans – Shonisani has no toilet. When nature calls, he must crawl out into the bush surrounding his home to relive himself.

New Limpopo dam to quench villagers’ thirst


by Suprise Nemalale 

A new dam is set to provide 10 Limpopo villages with access to clean, reliable water after years of complaints by local residents.

A new dam in Limpopo is set to bring clean, reliable water to 10 villages in the province’s Vhembe District. For years, Thingahangwi Muleba has had to

Dirty water deliveries for Limpopo villages


By Suprise Nemalale 

At least two villages in Limpopo’s Mutale Local Municipality depend on municipal water trucks to survive but now villagers are claiming the trucks are delivering dirty water.

The Limpopo villages of Helula and Tshikondeni depend on municipal water trucks for safe, clean water but now villagers claim that trucks are delivering filthy water from a nearby river. 

Good municipalities are about more than good financial management


Every year without fail, the release of the Auditor-General results on municipalities and municipal entities is the only time that local government is consistently in the news. We are bombarded with news about the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ performing municipalities, but this is done in a manner that separates municipal financial management from the core business of local government- service delivery.

Negotiating the RDP rules and regulations


“We will take back those houses if you sell them for profit, because we build them for a purpose. Put it away safely.”

Breaking the myth of ‘demobilised’ communities


"Community leaders are seen as the opposition - we are labelled, attacked and criminalised", says General Moyo, a Makause resident facing various charges including intimidation following a community protest against police brutality.